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New York 45 reviews

Score Restaurant
32 The ___ Club
Perfect Hollandaise, nice beaver
29 Quatorze Bis
Look what you’ve done. I’m melting ... melting!!
28 The Odeon
A new benchmark
27 Jardin Bistro
The frogs can cook
26 Anglers & Writers
Thouroughly enjoyable but still somehow lacking
26 Bistro du Nord
Once you pop, you just can’t stop
25 Pastis
That fake France that always gets me in trouble
24 Cafe’ LULUc—Brooklyn
Cheep, cheap
23 Capsouto Frères
It’s all a blur
23 92
Extra Hollandaise, please? Please?
23 One C.P.S.
The largest lampshade we’ve ever seen
21 Clinton Street Baking Co.
I told him we already got one
21 Country Café
Don’t let the menu fool you
21 The Independent
The host you searched for is not known
21 Provence
Bon soir brunch
21 Rosa Mexicano
20 Beach Cafe
It could have been a contender.
20 Danal
Apparently it wasn’t eggs Benedict season
20 Prune
19 Aquagrill
Not even special breakfast sauce
19 Jerry’s
Mmm ... zebra
19 Markt
Watching the Markt wrap, drinking an import
19 Novecento
Huevos benedict
18 Balthazar
Are they looking now? How about now?
18 Bubby’s
You waitin’ on me?
18 Luke’s Bar and Grill
Pure Americana (no Canadian)
18 Philip Marie
Straight out of Springfield
18 Thom
B.Y.O. Hollandaise
17 Park Avenue Cafe
Pass the duck loaf
17 Walkers
Go Pats
16 Félix
The whole much less than the sum of its parts
16 Lucky Strike
It’s all about the atmosphere and the frites
16 Zum Schneider
Wenn er hat Recht, er hat Recht
15 @SQC
15 Banania Café—Brooklyn
Good newspapers, mediocre Benedict
15 Baraonda
Two for squash?
15 Café Mona Lisa
You can’t see a half-smile through a ski mask
15 l’Orange Bleue
Sounds good, tastes foamy
14 Brasserie
Bring your ear-plugs
13 Cupping Room Cafe
OK for a weekday fix
12 Blue Ribbon Bakery
Smoky and dry (cough, cough)
12 McDonald’s
Home of the Eggs Benedict McMuffin®
11 Panorama Café
Abercrombie & Brunch
11 Perry Bistro
I can still taste the poaching water
11 Sarabeth’s
Complete rip-off

Score based on a total of 37 points.

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