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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict are the perfect brunch food, requiring both skill in their preparation and a touch of decadence in their enjoyment.

The dish has two competing creation myths, but both agree that eggs Benedict originated in New York City just over a century ago. Today, eggs Benedict can be found across the world, with a number of universal and regional variations. documents and quantifies the ongoing search for the best of the best. And of course, as with any path worth following, the enjoyment is in the process. Our contributors have yet to find perfection—and perhaps they never will—but they are certainly enjoying the search.

All Reviews 78
New York 45
Illinois 6
Massachusetts 4
Maine 2
Australia 3
United Kingdom 3
France 2
Nevada 2
California 1
Minnesota 1
New Jersey 1
Ohio 1
Texas 1
Utah 1
Vermont 1
Canada 1
Denmark 1
Indonesia 1

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