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by JHC

Apart from the many self-explanatory variations (like Lobster Benedict), there are a number of dishes that need further description:

Oeufs a la benedictine
Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking documents this much older dish: poached eggs on a bed of purreed salt cod and potatoes, topped with Hollandaise sauce (thanks to MK for providing the reference).

Eggs à la Commodore
Poached eggs and béchamel sauce over pâté de foie gras purée spread on grilled buttered toast circles.

Country Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs and sausage gravy over ham or sausage on a biscuit or split English muffin.

Eggs Creole
Very complicated ... ingredients may include sauteed vegetables in a spiced and thickened tomato base.

Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs and hollandaise or béchamel sauce over spinach or creamed spinach on a split English muffin or a pastry shell.

Eggs Hussard
Poached eggs and marchand de vin over canadian bacon or ham on a split English muffin. May also be served on Holland rusks (similar to melba toast).

Eggs Maryland
Poached eggs and hollandaise over crab cakes.

Eggs Norweigan
Eggs over Norweigan smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon.

Eggs Portuguese
Poached eggs and hollandaise over a mixture of sautéed vegetables with Worchester sauce.

Eggs Sardou
a split Poached eggs and hollandaise over artichoke bottoms and New Orleans-style creamed spinach.

Eggs Waldorf Style
Poached eggs and mushroom caps with brown mushroom sauce on buttered toast.


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